Skin Checks

An initial consultation involves a head to toe examination, including areas not normally exposed to sunlight.  The doctor may also examine suspicious spots using a hand held microscope called a dermatoscope.

The majority of suspicious lesions are biopsied taking a small-anaesthetized core sample, much like the lead out of a pencil. We pride ourselves on our ‘painless’ techniques providing significantly less painful local anesthetic than is usual and using the world’s smallest needles.

Biopsies are sent to independent laboratories who are acknowledged world leaders. You are then given these results.

Tips to help you with your first consultation:

  • Please don’t wear heavy makeup if you wish to have your face examined
  • If you work outdoors then please shower before your consultation as it is impossible to view suspicious lesions that are covered in grease, dirt or mud
  • arrive a few minutes early to complete the paperwork
  • bring your medicare card and any concession cards

No referral needed

Open Saturdays, early morning and late evenings

* Please be aware that our Practice is a private billing practice,  for fees please call clinic.  Consultation Fees vary according to treatments, please call our reception in case of any queries. Cancellation fees apply: A cancellation fee applies if you fail to attend or cancel on the day of your appointment. 48 hours’ notice is required.

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