FACTOR 4 - The NOTOX Solution
Natural collagen simulation for your skin

Factor4 Serum

A potent, all-natural collagen-stimulating serum made from your own blood called Factor4 serum is available at Molechex. With the help of advanced scientific methods a concentrated serum is created to help with skin rejuvenation process. The serum is applied to skin in various ways to tighten, brighten and lighten while reviving your complexion’s youthfulness.

This is an excellent rejuvenation therapy that significantly reduces static facial lines and tightens the skin generally, whether it is used to treat wrinkles or thin, crepey skin on the face, neck, décolletage, back of hands, dark circles under the eyes, scars, or stretch marks.
After FACTOR4, you should anticipate noticeably better skin tone, texture, and a decrease in lines and wrinkles.
Skin will seem more young and refreshed.

The FACTOR4 method typically yields results two to three weeks after the initial treatment.
A minimum of four to six treatments, spaced two to four weeks apart, are advised depending on the skin type.

The optimum outcome of radiant, clearly regenerated skin is achieved by using this approach.


Full face area

Fine lines

Thin, crepey skin


Skin tightening

Dark under-eye circles

Skin brightening

Sagging skin

Under eyes wrinkles

Stretch marks

Wrinkly knees

Back of hands


Front & back of neck


Hair Thickness

Hair Loss

Procedure :

The factor4 method uses technologically advanced tubing to collect the patients’ blood. The blood is then incubated between six and nine hours in total. This process exposes the blood to pyrogenic free surfaces eliciting a vigorous and rapid increase in the synthesis of growth factors in the harvested blood and related fluids. It is then centrifuged to harvest plasma and concentrated to become serum. The serum is designed to have increased levels of anti-inflammatory proteins. It is stored in freezer until it’s usage at controlled temprature to ensure it’s quality and effectiveness.

FAQ's :

4 – 6 FACTOR4 treatments in total are required dependent on the condition of the skin. These treatments are usually given at a two to four week intervals depending on what treatment on the skin is being performed.

In order to harvest the required amount of serum 2 – 3 10mL tubes will be taken followed by centrifugation, plasma extraction, and filtration to obtain the serum. The serum is then portioned and stored for your next appointment.

FACTOR4 is generated in technologically advanced tubing. The blood is processed using advanced technology with a 6-9 hour incubation process that separates and produces the super concentrated growth factors from your blood plasma. The plasma is then spun and filtered creating a serum to purify and refine your plasma, making it four times richer.
Between 30-40mls of blood is taken to obtain 10 – 15mls of serum. This is a tenth less than what is taken compared to when you give blood. Ensuring the patient is well hydrated before the blood harvest is imperative to achieve the best results.
It is suggested that you arrive early to allow for a topical anaesthetic cream to be applied to the areas being treated.
Each clinician has their own treatment applications range from blebs, threads, direct injection, cannula, micro-needling and massage techniques.
The FACTOR4 treatment is designed to incur minimal interference to daily life, with the treatment lasting up to an hour. Ensure you drink water before your treatment to assist the skin’s hydration process. Once you leave after your appointment, it is recommended that you leave your skin free of any product for a minimum of 6 – 8 hours. It is also suggested that you limit your physical activities after your treatment, to avoid sweating or increasing the possibility of swelling or bruising.
Normally, if you are taking certain medications, such as blood thinning medication, having long-term steroidal therapy, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have cancer, it is not recommended to have Factor4. If you are taking Roaccutane or are on any active anti-acne topical skincare, have had recent surgery, recent scars less than 6 months old, active herpes, acne or rosacea we recommend delaying your Factor4 treatment. Please provide full details of your medical history to your Clinician, including if pathology technicians or doctors have trouble getting blood from you or if you faint having your blood taken. Please let us know if you’ve had a DVT or clots or suffer from clotting disorders, such as Factor 8 or Von Willebrand. Your Clinician will discuss whether you are a suitable candidate to have treatment with Factor4.
Factor4 serum is used in combination with the Dermapen skin-needling device. The Dermapen device creates tiny micro-punctures in your skin, which serve as transport channels to deliver your serum deep into the layers of your dermis. We finish the treatment off by drizzling the remaining serum onto the skin, which becomes an enriching mask that is left on overnight for ultimate results. Within four weeks new collagen cells being to grow throughout your skin, giving your skin that golden glow that reflects light, health and vitality.
Everybody reacts differently to treatments where injections are involved. Some do not find this treatment particularly uncomfortable, while others can feel anxious just thinking about it. Hence, perception of pain and actual pain varies from person to person. Alternatively, the idea of having blood taken can be off putting for various reasons. To reduce discomfort and anxiety we take the time to talk through these issues during the consultation and of course, to minimise the discomfort, we apply a powerful topical numbing cream 30 minutes prior. Our clients are comforted in the fact that we are highly skilled and experienced in performing these clinical treatments, meaning we are very gentle!
A minimum of 2-4 treatments spaced at 2-4 week intervals is recommended for best results. Depending on the desired result and the condition of the area to be treated, more treatments may be required. Maintenance may involve ‘top-up’ treatments, which are recommended at 12-month intervals.
Recognised side effects of this treatment are redness, swelling, bruising and stinging at the injection site. There is also a possibility of bruising at the site that blood is taken from.
Mild swelling of the treated area is normal especially if you have had the under eye area treated and will usually settle over 24-48 hours. Redness may also persist for up to 24-48 hours. If you have bruising, Arnica or Hirudoid cream can be used on the treated area to accelerate clearance. Ice may be applied to areas of swelling however we usually recommend waiting at least 6 hours post treatment if Factor4 serum has been applied to the skin. Your practitioner will advise you of your individual aftercare instructions however please do not hesitate to call with any questions or concerns. We recommend not lifting any heavy objects with the arm that blood has been taken from for the remainder of the day.
FACTOR4 is a 4 times more concentrated serum which is separated from the blood by centrifugal (spinning) extraction. It is then prepared in a laboratory heat regulated oven for 6 hours, filtered to get rid of all the impurities, to yield 4 times more concentrated collagen stimulating growth factors. This means a more powerful response in your skin and superior results in comparison to PRP, which is the plasma only part taken from your blood, spun then injected straight into your skin. With PRP there is no concentrating or filtering of impurities, so it has a poorer collagen stimulating response in the skin. The other issue with PRP is you have to take the clients blood every time they come in for their repeat treatments, which can be 3-4 times! With FACTOR4 we only take your blood once and are able to produce outstanding results, naturally!

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Factor 4 can work with multiple cosmetic procedures

Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Improve skin texture and wrinkled skin areas such as the face, neck, décolletage and hands

Fine Lines

Improve fine lines in delicate under eye area by thickening the skin - improvising skin health

Eye Circles

Reduce dark circles under the eyes by improvising skin health with Factor4 Serum

Skin Tightening

Improve crêpey & sagging skin - along with skin rejuvenation techniques and stay young looking.

Skin Texture Improvement

Improve skin tone & texture with all natural serum extracted from your own body.

Soften stretch marks

Factor 4 can help improving skin health combined with other cosmetic techniques

Skin Tone

Lighten & brighten the skin - improwise skin health with smooth and shiny looks


Aid with skin healing - remove scars and help skin heal faster and better

Hair Loss / Hair Growth

Factor 4 can help with hair loss and improvise hair growth

Hair Thickness

The serum can help improvise hair thickness and hair quality

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